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Mon 02 of Mar, 2015 [20:29 UTC]
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Welcome to SphericalCows!

This site is intended to support Mr. Freeman's students in Physics and ToK.

This is still very very much a work in progress.

Current update on the skydrive sharing: Notes are on skydrive and are working correctly. You may need to download the file for all formatting to work correctly. There is also a folder for each course with documents so you can check those out also!

Here is the link to skydrive:=> SKYDRIVE NOTES for 2014-15 <=


I am seeing a large number of spam registrations for this site. In a paranoid response I am closing registrations. I HOPE THAT WE CAN REACTIVATE THIS AT SOME POINT, BUT FOR NOW THIS WILL BE A REDIRECTION PAGE FOR NOTES AND FILES ON SKYDRIVE.

Thanks and sorry!

Eventually it is my hope that, working together, we can fill the site with

  • Notes (for review and pre-reading)
  • Review materials (problem sets, answer keys, discussion papers)
  • A calendar (for upcoming deadlines and activities)
  • Links to other helpful material
  • Forums (to discuss and help one another)
  • All manner of wonderful things

For this to work we all need to take a hand in constructing the Wiki.
Participation in the Wiki is a helpful and dynamic way to participate in the course, and will be noted as such.

So... stay tuned for a real first page, with links to real content!
Meanwhile I'm experimenting with formats. You can see the weirdness on the TestPage

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